Hi! I am Sakthitharan, Welcome!!!

I am a 👨‍🔬Professor/Researcher by Profession | 🧬Learner/Thinker 🕸Systems Thinker | ⭐️Productivity(Effectivity) Enthusiast.

I ❤️ Love -> ☯️ Minimalism, ☸️Philosophy, 🦦 Flow, 🧠 Knowledge Abstractions, 🙏 Sharing.

Right now I am 🎓holding a PhD in Computer Science, apart from my profession, I also ✍🏼 write in many mediums online and 🕯train people.

I am continuously learning and constantly evolving. I share the ideas that worked for me and the methods I formulated to improvise myself to the best I can be. Alvistor is an output of my sincere and profound attempt to share my experience, ideas, perceptions with the world.

Over the course of my endeavor, I adapted a vision, a greater purpose for Alvistor

to help others (by sharing my experience and views)
to achieve "Overall Well-being" 
in various aspects of life.

With that vision in mind, The mission is to

explore, experiment, evaluate, experience, enumerate 
the different methods and ideas 
by applying the knowledge (gathered) 
to achieve maximum Overall Well-being 
with most practically possible way 
and forming simplified practical workflow systems
with the feedback and help of others 
and sharing to others to make use of it. 

🔴 What you can expect from Alvistor?

I talk about my ideas here, methods I follow myself, some inspriations, muses and random things.

I am passionate about optimizing the process and methods of personal productivity, learning, organizing/managing knowledge, informal philosophies. So you will be seeing some content on those here.

I building my own custom-built personal productivity and knowledge management system. “The Effortless Flow” is a system based on philosophical and psychological understanding and backed by scientific evidence, my personal practical experience, and other’s feedback to bring overall well-being in an individual’s life with minimal effort and higher efficiency.

Feel free to contact me. I love interactions and learning together.

Well, you made it by reading this far, which tells me we could definitely use each other’s help. I appreciate you reading my writings and I expect to talk to you soon (just comment on my posts). Don’t forget to subscribe to the weekly newsletter or follow @Alvistor on Twitter and FB. Check my budding YouTube channel too.

with ❤️love and thanks

– Sakthitharan